Kevin W. Lu, D.Sc.
Teaching Professor
Department of Electrical
and Computer Engineering
Stevens Institute of Technology

Standards Activities

Members of the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) have contributed significantly to technology advances such as 5G, machine-to-machine Communications, network functions virtualization, software-defined networking, and the internet of things. At the same time, ComSoc Standards Activities continue to facilitate the progress from research to standards by members’ dedication and contribution to research groups, study groups, working groups, and ballot groups on communications standards. Recurring standards workshops and publications have provided members with opportunities to collaborate and stay informed. As a member of the ComSoc Standardization Programs Development Board, I am committed to further broadening opportunities for engaging members in relevant, timely, and useful standards. In addition to face-to-face meetings, we can conduct online communications among researchers, standards developers, and practitioners in all phases of Standards Activities:

  • Needs identification, assessment, and selection
  • Liaison to relevant alliances, consortia, and other standards development organizations
  • Standards development, implementation, and maintenance
  • International standards harmonization
  • Standards testing and deployment support
  • Standards training modules and outreach program

Timeliness and adaptability are critical to the standards’ relevance and usefulness since markets and technologies are rapidly evolving. We can facilitate collaborations among members to further expedite contribution, peer review, discussion, revision, and publication. Most importantly, I want to know your ideas for standards, and emerging technologies that you care about.


Dr. Kevin W. Lu is a teaching professor of electrical and computer engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology where he is an instructor of the internet of things (IoT), digital system design, and engineering design VI-VII-VIII. He is an IEEE senior member and a member of IEEE for 41 years. He served as Chair (2012-2013) and Advisor (2014-2017) of the ComSoc Standards Development Board, and a member (2016-2021) of the Standardization Programs Development Board. He is a member of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Standards Board (SASB 2016-2020), New Standards Committee (NesCom 2013-2016, 2018-2019), Procedures Committee (ProCom 2020-2021), Standards Review Committee (RevCom 2017), and IEEE Standards Education Committee (SEC 2017-2019); Standards Coordinating Committee (SCC) Coordinator (2017-2018), Member (2019-2020) and Chair (2021) of Audit Committee (AudCom 2019-2020), and Member (2016-2017) and Chair (2018-2021) of Industry Connections Committee (ICCom).

Kevin was a chief scientist and executive director at Telcordia Applied Research, then a senior principal scientist at Broadcom where he contributed to 3GPP Radio Access Network Working Groups RAN1 and RAN4. He was Chair (2007–2010) of the TIA TR-48 Engineering Committee on Vehicular Telematics, and authored “All-in-one: Making connected vehicles possible” in the February 2012 issue of ISO Focus+. He contributed to the 2011 ATIS Machine-to-Machine Focus Group and the 2011–2014 Strategic Plan for the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Intelligent Transportation System Standards Program. Kevin received B.S. in control engineering from National Chiao Tung University, and M.S. and D.Sc. in systems science and mathematics from Washington University in St. Louis.


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